General conditions of sale

1. Identification of AMAYA

AMAYA AG (“AMAYA”) is a simplified joint stock company registered with the Reims Trade and Companies Register under number 914 627 294, with its registered office at 7 rue Pierre Salmon, 51430 Bezannes.

Amaya can be contacted at

2. Proposed Services

AMAYA offers the customer identified in the Quotation as defined below (the «Customer») a solution accessible in «Software as a Service» mode consisting of a mobile application to monitor and manage farms and a web interface to define the basic configuration (products, fertilization programs, etc.) (the “Services”) through the Amaya platform (the “Platform”).

3. Contractual Documents

The contractual relationship between the Client and AMAYA is governed, in descending hierarchical order, by the following documents:

The quote (the “Quote”):

- It is based on the Client’s needs

-The Customer must accept it in writing (including by email) within 30 days of its issue. This acceptance constitutes acceptance of the General Conditions in their version in force on the date of the Quotation

- In case of contradiction, the Quote prevails over the General Conditions

- In case of contradiction, the most recent quote prevails over the oldest(s)

The general conditions (the «General Conditions»):

They define:

- The terms of use of the Services,

- The respective obligations of the parties.

- The respective obligations of the parties.

4. Conditions of Access to the Services

(i) The Client is:

- a natural person with full legal capacity

- or a legal person acting through a natural person with the power or authorisation required to contract on behalf of and on behalf of the Client.

(ii) The Client is a professional, understood as any natural or legal person acting for purposes falling within the scope of its commercial, industrial, craft, liberal or agricultural activity, including when it acts in the name or on behalf of another professional.

5. Access and Subscription to the Services

In order to benefit from the Services, the Customer must have the following hardware or software:

- Either an Android-based mobile phone with a version greater than 5.1 or an iPhone with a version greater than 11.0 for application use

- Either a computer with an updated Edge, Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser.

To subscribe to the Services, the Customer must create an account and complete the form provided for this purpose available on the Platform.

The Customer must provide AMAYA with all information marked as mandatory.

Once the account has been created, the Customer may subscribe to the Services and activate his account by validating the Quote offered by AMAYA.

The Client’s subscription to the Services automatically entails the activation of an account in the Client’s name (the “Account”). The Account allows him to access the Services using his login and password.

The Customer is expressly informed that the use of the Solution and all its features depends on the full payment of the Services.

Once the Customer’s Account is activated, it can freely create access for users (the «Users») within the limit of the number provided in the subscribed Services.

The Customer is solely responsible for creating access for Users, setting their access rights and their personal use of the Platform.

6. Description of the Services

6.1. The Services

Prior to any subscription, the Customer acknowledges that he can read on the Platform the characteristics of the Services and their constraints, particularly technical.

Although the Customer may use certain features of the Services offline, it acknowledges that the implementation of the Services requires being connected to the Internet and that the quality of the Services depends on this connection, for which AMAYA is not responsible.

The Services to which the Client has subscribed are described in the Quotation.

In the context of the Services, the Customer has access to a license to use the Solution allowing him to:

- be able to make recommendations to its farmer clients (the “Beneficiaries”);

- manage and monitor its portfolio of Beneficiaries;

- access to organisational and operational farm indicators;

- to visualize and analyse the organisation of the Beneficiaries' agricultural holdings;

- connect to the data of the Beneficiaries, if they accept it by sending them a link in order to follow the data of the farms of the latter;

- issue alerts and recommendations to the Beneficiaries.

AMAYA reserves the right to offer any other Service.

Any request to modify the subscribed Services must be the subject of an additional Quotation.

6.2. Supplementary benefits


The Customer benefits during the duration of the Services from maintenance, including corrective and scalable. In this context, access to the Platform may be limited or suspended.

Regarding corrective maintenance, AMAYA makes its best efforts to provide the Customer with corrective maintenance to correct any malfunction or bug found on the Platform.

Regarding the upgradeable maintenance, the Customer benefits during the duration of the Services from upgradeable maintenance, which AMAYA will be able to carry out automatically and without prior information, and which includes improvements to the functionalities of the Platform, the addition of new functionalities and/or technical installations used within the Platform (aimed at introducing minor or major extensions).

Access to the Platform may also be restricted or suspended for planned maintenance purposes, which may include the above corrective and scalable maintenance operations.

-   Accommodation

AMAYA ensures, under an obligation of means, the hosting of the Platform, as well as data produced and/ or entered by/ on the Platform, on its servers or through a professional hosting provider, and on servers located in a territory of the European Union.

- Technical assistance

In case of difficulty encountered when using the Services, the Customer may contact AMAYA at the coordinates mentioned in the article «Identification of AMAYA».

The technical assistance service is available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, from 9 am to 6 pm. Based on the identified need, AMAYA will estimate the response time and keep the Customer informed.

7. Duration of subscription to the Services

The Customer subscribes to the Services as a subscription (the «Subscription»).

The Subscription begins on the day of its subscription for an initial period indicated in the Quote.

It is tacitly renewed, for successive periods of the same duration as the initial period (with the initial period, the «Periods»), from date to date, unless the Subscription is terminated in the conditions of the article «End of the Services».

8. AMAYA Financial Terms

8.1. Prices of Services

The prices of the Services to which the Client has subscribed are indicated in the Quotation.

Any Period started is due in full.

AMAYA is free to offer promotional offers or price reductions.

The prices of AMAYA can be revised at any time in the conditions of the article «Modification of the General Conditions».

8.2. AMAYA Billing and Payment Terms

AMAYA sends the Client an invoice per Period by any useful means.

Unless otherwise stated in the Quote, payment of the Subscription is made by bank transfer to the details indicated on the invoices of AMAYA or by credit card through the secure online payment service specified on the Platform.

The Customer guarantees to AMAYA the necessary authorizations to use this payment method.

8.3. Consequences of Default or Default

In case of default or late payment, AMAYA reserves the right, from the day after the date

due date on the invoice, from:

- immediately suspend the Services pending payment of the full amount 


- charge to him interest on late payment equal to three times the statutory rate of interest, based on the amount of the sums not paid at the due date and a lump sum of EUR 40 for recovery costs, without prejudice to additional compensation if the recovery costs actually incurred exceed this amount,

- if applicable, declare the forfeiture of the term of all sums owed by the Client and their immediate payable.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

The Platform is the property of AMAYA, as well as the software, infrastructures, databases and content of any kind (texts, images, visuals, music, logos, brands, etc.) that it exploits. They are protected by any intellectual property rights or rights of the producers of databases in force. The license that AMAYA consents to the Client does not entail any transfer of ownership.

From the payment of the Subscription, the Customer, and the Users, benefit from a personal license in non-exclusive and non-transferable SaaS mode of use of the Platform for the duration provided for in the article «Duration of subscription to the Services».

10. Business References

The parties may make use of their respective names, brands and logos and refer to their respective platforms, as commercial references, for the duration of their contractual relationship and 3 years beyond.

11. Client’s obligations and liability

11.1. Concerning the provision of information

The Customer undertakes to provide AMAYA with all information necessary for the subscription and use of the Services.

11.2. Concerning the Customer’s Account

The Customer:

- guarantees that the information provided in the form is accurate and undertakes to update it,

- acknowledges that this information is proof of its identity and commits it as soon as it is validated,

- is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his username and password. Any access to the Platform using the latter being deemed to be made by him.

The Customer must immediately contact AMAYA at the contact details mentioned in the article «Identification of AMAYA» if he finds that his Account has been used without his knowledge. It acknowledges that AMAYA will have the right to take all appropriate measures in such cases.

The Customer is solely responsible for creating access for Users, setting their access rights.

11.3. Regarding the use of the Services

The Client is responsible for its use of the Services and any information it shares in this context. It is also responsible for the use of the Services and any information shared by Users. He undertakes that the Services will be used exclusively by him and/or the Users, who are subject to the same obligations as him in their use of the Services.

The Client shall refrain from diverting the Services for purposes other than those for which they were designed, in particular to:

- engage in illegal or fraudulent activity,

- prejudice third parties or their rights in any way,- prejudice public order and morality,

- infringe on third parties or their rights in any way,

- violate a contractual, legislative or regulatory provision,

- carry out any activity likely to interfere with a third party’s computer system, in particular for the purpose of violating its integrity or security, helping or inciting a third party to commit one or more of the acts or activities listed above.

The Customer shall also refrain from:

- copy, modify or divert any element belonging to AMAYA or any concept it exploits within the framework of the Services,

- adopt any behaviour likely to interfere with or divert AMAYA’s computer systems or undermine its computer security measures,

- infringe AMAYA’s financial, commercial or moral rights and interests,

- market, transfer or otherwise give access to the Services, information hosted on the Platform or any element belonging to AMAYA.

The Customer is responsible for the Content of any kind that it broadcasts as part of the Services.

The Customer agrees that the Content broadcast on the Platform will be made public by default and may be viewed by other users of the Platform.

The Customer is prohibited from distributing any Content (this list is not exhaustive):

- undermining public order and morality (pornographic, obscene, indecent, offensive or inappropriate to a family audience, defamatory, abusive, violent, racist, xenophobic or revisionist),

- infringing the rights of third parties (infringing content, infringement of personality rights, etc.) and more generally violating a contractual, legislative or regulatory provision,

- prejudicial to third parties in any way,

- lying, misleading or proposing or promoting illegal, fraudulent or misleading activities,

- harmful to third party computer systems.

The Client expressly acknowledges that all advice, recommendations, opinions that he formulates on the Platform for the Beneficiary is his sole responsibility. It is solely responsible for its relations with the Beneficiaries and expressly acknowledges that the Services offered by AMAYA are only a tool allowing it to formalize these advice, opinions and recommendations, and that AMAYA cannot be held responsible for such advice, opinions and recommendations.

The Client guarantees AMAYA against any claim and/or action that may be brought against it as a result of the breach of one of the Client’s obligations. The Client shall indemnify AMAYA for the damage suffered and shall reimburse it for any sums it may have to bear as a result.

12. Obligations and Liability of AMAYA

AMAYA s’engage à fournir les Services avec diligence, étant précisé qu’elle est tenue à une obligationAMAYA undertakes to provide the Services with diligence, it being specified that it is bound to an obligation of means.

 of means.

AMAYA undertakes to respect the regulations in force.

12.1. Concerning the quality of the Services

AMAYA makes its best efforts to provide the Client with quality Services.

To this end, it regularly carries out checks to verify the functioning and accessibility of its Services and can thus carry out maintenance under the conditions specified in the article «Maintenance».

However, AMAYA is not responsible for any temporary difficulties or impossibilities of access to its Services which may result from:

- circumstances outside its network (and in particular the partial or total failure of the Customer’s installations, equipment or servers),

- failure of equipment, cabling, services or networks not included in its Services or not under its responsibility,

- the interruption of the Services by telecom operators or Internet access providers,

- the intervention of the Customer in particular via a misconfiguration applied to the Services,

- a case of force majeure.

AMAYA is responsible for the operation of its servers, whose external limits are constituted by the connection points.

Furthermore, it does not guarantee that the Services:

- subject to constant research to improve performance and progress,

seront totalement exempts d’erreurs, de vices ou défauts,are completely free from errors, defects or defects,

- being standard and not proposed according to the Client’s personal constraints, will specifically meet his needs and expectations.

12.2. Concerning the service level guarantee of the Platform

AMAYA makes its best efforts to maintain access to the Platform 24/24 and 7/7 except in the case of planned maintenance under the conditions defined in the article «Maintenance» or force majeure.

In any case, AMAYA guarantees the annual availability of the Platform at 99.5%, except in cases of force majeure.

12.3. Concerning the backup of data on the Platform

AMAYA makes its best efforts to save all data produced and/or entered by/on the Platform.

Except in case of proven faults on the part of AMAYA, it is not responsible for any loss of data during maintenance operations.

12.4. Regarding Data Storage and Security

AMAYA provides sufficient storage capacity for the operation of the Services.

AMAYA makes its best efforts to ensure data security by implementing measures to protect the infrastructure and the Platform, detect and prevent malicious acts and recover data.

12.5. Regarding the publication of Content

As part of its use of the Services, the Customer may be required to provide content of any kind that it publishes on the Platform (the «Content»).

AMAYA acts as a hosting provider for the Content that the Customer puts online. Accordingly, it is not responsible for such Content.

If AMAYA receives a notification of an Unlawful Content, it will act promptly to remove or make its access impossible, and it may take the measures described in the article «Sanctions in case of breach».

12.6. With respect to the use of subcontracting and assignment

AMAYA may use subcontractors in the performance of the Services, who are subject to the same obligations as its own in the context of their intervention. However, it remains solely responsible for the proper performance of the Services with respect to the Client.

AMAYA may substitute any person who will be subrogated in all its rights and obligations under its contractual relationship with the Client. If necessary, it will inform the Customer of this substitution by any written means.

13. Limitation of AMAYA’s Liability

AMAYA’s liability is limited to the only proven direct damages suffered by the Customer as a result of the use of the Services.

With the exception of personal injury, death and gross negligence, and subject to having issued a claim by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within five working days of the occurrence of the damage, AMAYA’s liability shall not be incurred for an amount greater than the amounts it has collected during the 12 months preceding the event giving rise to liability or the duration of provision of its Services if this duration is shorter.

14. Modes of Evidence Admitted

Evidence may be established by any means.

The Customer is informed that the messages exchanged through the Platform as well as the data collected on the Platform and IT equipment of AMAYA constitute one of the admitted modes of proof, in particular to demonstrate the reality of the Services performed and the calculation of their price.

15. Procedures for processing personal data

15.1. General Provisions

The parties undertake, each for its part, to comply with all the legal and regulatory obligations incumbent on them with regard to the protection of personal data, in particular Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 in its last amended version known as the Data Protection Law and Freedoms and Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (together the «Applicable Regulations»).

For the purpose of managing the contractual relationship between the parties, each party processes the personal data of the interlocutors of the other party as controller within the meaning of the applicable Regulations, and this for the duration of these. This processing is necessary for the proper execution of the present and concerns only identification data (in particular surname, first name, email address, telephone number) of the interlocutors.

The personnel of each party, their control services (including statutory auditor) and their subcontractors may have access to the personal data collected.

This processing may give rise to the exercise by the interlocutors of the parties of their rights provided for by the applicable Regulations.

To learn more about the treatments carried out by AMAYA, the Customer is invited to take cognizance of the Customer’s privacy policy available on the Platform.

15.2. Procedures for the processing of personal data by AMAYA as


Description of the subcontracted processing

As part of the Services, AMAYA is required to process personal data in the name and on behalf of the Client as a processor, while the Client acts as a data controller within the meaning of the applicable Regulations. The characteristics of the treatments are described in Appendix 1 of this Agreement.

AMAYA’s obligations towards the Client

- Data processing:

AMAYA undertakes to process personal data only for the purposes listed in Appendix 1 and in accordance with the Customer’s documented instructions, including with regard to the transfer of data outside the European Union. AMAYA undertakes to inform the Client if, in its opinion, an instruction constitutes a violation of the applicable Regulations. In addition, if AMAYA is required to transfer data to a third country or international organization,

under the law applicable to the Contract, it must inform the Client of this legal obligation before processing, unless the law concerned prohibits such information for important reasons of public interest.

- Data security and confidentiality:

AMAYA undertakes to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and integrity of personal data, their backup and the restoration of their availability in the event of a physical or technical incident. AMAYA also ensures that persons authorised to process personal data are subject to the obligation to maintain confidentiality.

- Other subcontractors:

AMAYA is authorized to use the subcontractors (the “Subsequent Subcontractor”) listed in Appendix 1 of the Agreement to carry out specific processing activities. In the event of a change in the list of authorised Subcontractors, AMAYA will inform the Customer in advance and in writing. This information must clearly indicate the outsourced processing activities, the identity and contact details of the subsequent Subcontractor. The Customer has a period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this information to present his legitimate and justified objections. In the absence of 10 notifications of objections after this period, the Client shall be deemed to have accepted the recourse to the subsequent Subcontractor. In the event of persistent objections from the Client, the Parties shall meet in good faith and shall make their best efforts to discuss a resolution. AMAYA may choose to (i) not use the subsequent Subcontractor or (ii) to take the corrective measures requested by the Client in the context of the objections raised and to use the subsequent Subcontractor. If none of the options is reasonably possible, and if AMAYA cannot use another processor for the intended processing for legitimate reasons, either Party may terminate this Agreement with 30 days notice.

The Subsequent Subcontractor is bound to comply with the obligations of this Agreement on behalf of and on the instructions of the Client. It is AMAYA’s responsibility to ensure that the subsequent Processor provides the same sufficient guarantees as to the implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures so that the processing meets the requirements of the applicable Regulations. If the subsequent Processor fails to fulfil its data protection obligations, AMAYA remains fully liable to the Client for the performance by the subsequent Processor of its obligations.

- Transfer of personal data outside the European Union:

AMAYA is entitled to transfer the personal data processed under this Agreement to countries outside the European Union, subject to the provision of appropriate safeguards as defined in Chapter V of this Regulation.

- Assistance and Provision of information:

AMAYA undertakes to assist the Client and respond as soon as possible to any request for information addressed to it by the Client, whether in the context of an impact assessment or a request submitted by the data protection authorities or the Customer’s data protection officer.

- Exercising the rights of persons:

To the extent possible, AMAYA undertakes to assist the Client in fulfilling its obligation to respond to requests made by data subjects to exercise their rights under the applicable Regulations. When requests are sent directly to AMAYA, the latter must send these requests to the Client as soon as possible by email to the address communicated by the Client.

- Notification of personal data breaches:

AMAYA undertakes to notify the Customer as soon as possible after becoming aware of any breach of personal data relating to the processing covered by this Agreement and to communicate to him any information and relevant documentation relating to this violation.

- Type of data:

AMAYA undertakes at its option, to delete the personal data at the end of the Contract or to send them back to the Customer and not to keep a copy, unless the applicable Regulations require it.

- Documentation :

AMAYA makes available to the Client, upon its request, all the information and all the documents necessary to demonstrate compliance with its obligations and to enable audits to be carried out. The Client thus has the possibility to carry out audits once a year and at its expense in order to verify AMAYA’s compliance with the obligations provided for in this article. The Client will inform AMAYA of the holding of the audit with a minimum notice of one month. AMAYA reserves the right to refuse the selected auditor if it belongs to a competing company. The audit must be carried out during AMAYA’s 11 working hours and in such a way as to minimize disruption of its activity. The audit may not in any way affect (i) the technical and organisational security measures deployed by AMAYA, (ii) the security and confidentiality of the data of other AMAYA customers, and (iii) the proper functioning and organization of AMAYA’s production. Where possible, the Parties shall agree in advance on the scope of the audit. The audit report will be sent to AMAYA to allow AMAYA to make any comments or comments in writing, which will be appended to the final version of the audit report. A copy of the final audit report will be provided to each Party. Each audit report will be considered confidential information.

- Data reuse by AMAYA:

The Customer hereby authorizes AMAYA to process the personal data collected as part of the Services (including login and identification data) for the purpose of improving the AMAYA Services, and in particular to produce statistics on how the Platform is used by Users. AMAYA will act in this context as data controller within the meaning of the applicable Regulations and undertakes to comply with the legal provisions on Data Protection in the context of the aforementioned processing.

Customer’s obligations vis-à-vis AMAYA:

The Client undertakes to:

(a) provide AMAYA with the personal data referred to in Appendix 1, to the exclusion of any irrelevant, disproportionate or unnecessary personal data, and to the exclusion of any «particular» data within the meaning of the applicable Regulation, unless the processing operations justify it, the Client is responsible for establishing these justifications and taking all appropriate measures, including prior information, consent and security for such particular data;

(b) collect under its responsibility, in a lawful, fair and transparent manner, the personal data provided to AMAYA, for the performance of its services, and in particular, ensure the legal basis for this collection and the information due to the data subjects;

(c) keep a record of the processing and, more generally, respect the principles derived from the applicable Regulations;

(d) ensure in advance and throughout the processing period that the obligations set out in the applicable Regulations are met.

16. AMAYA’s respective confidentiality obligations

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the other party, the Parties respectively undertake to keep confidential, for the duration of their contractual relationship and 3 years thereafter, all information expressly identified as confidential, of which either party has become aware at the time of the conclusion and execution of its contractual relationship with the Customer.

This obligation does not extend to information:

- of which the party receiving them was already aware,

- which are already public when they are communicated or would become public without breach of this clause,

- which were lawfully received from a third party,

- the communication of which would be required by the judicial authorities, in application of the laws and regulations or in order to establish the rights of a party within the framework of the contractual relationship between the parties.

Confidential information may be transmitted to the respective employees, collaborators, trainees, agents and co-contractors of the parties, provided that they are subject to the same obligation of confidentiality.

17. Force majeure

The parties cannot be held responsible for breaches or delays in the performance of their contractual obligations due to a case of force majeure occurring during the duration of their relationship. Force majeure as defined in article 1218 of the Civil Code.

If one of the parties is prevented from performing its obligations due to force majeure, it must inform the other party by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The obligations are suspended upon receipt of the letter, and must be resumed within a reasonable period of time upon termination of the case of force majeure. The party prevented from doing so shall nevertheless remain liable for the performance of obligations which are not affected by force majeure and any obligation to pay.

18. Termination of Services

The Subscription must be terminated at the latest:

- 7 days before the end of the current Period if the Subscription is monthly,

- 1 month before the end of the current Period if the Subscription is subscribed annually by:

- The Client, by sending AMAYA a request to the contact details mentioned in the article "Identification of AMAYA",

- AMAYA, by sending an email to the Client.

Any Period started is due in full.

The Client no longer has access to his account from the end of the Services.

AMAYA may delete any Account if it has been inactive for a continuous period of more than 24 months.

19. Penalties for Non-compliance

Constitute essential obligations towards the Client (the "Essential Obligations"):

- payment of the price,

- not provide incorrect, incomplete information to AMAYA,

- not use the Services for a third party,

- not engage in activities which are illegal, fraudulent or which infringe the rights or safety of third parties, undermine public order or violate the laws and regulations in force.

In the event of a breach of one of these Essential Obligations, AMAYA may:

- suspend or remove the Customer’s access to the Services,

- remove any Content related to the breach,

- publish on the Platform any information message that AMAYA considers useful,

- notify any competent authority, cooperate with it and provide it with all relevant information for the investigation and suppression of illegal or unlawful activities,

- initiate any legal action.

These sanctions are without prejudice to any damages that AMAYA may claim from the Customer.

In the event of a breach of any obligation other than an Essential Obligation, AMAYA shall, by any appropriate written means, request the Client to remedy the breach within a maximum period of 15 calendar days. The Services will end at the end of this period if the breach is not rectified. Termination of the Services shall result in the deletion of the Customer’s Account.

20. Modification of the General Conditions

AMAYA may amend its General Terms and Conditions at any time and will inform the Customer thereof by any written means (including by email) at least 45 calendar days before their entry into force.

The modified General Terms and Conditions are applicable when renewing the Customer’s Subscription.

If the Customer does not accept these changes, he must terminate his Subscription according to the terms set out in the article «End of the Services».

If the Customer uses the Services after the entry into force of its amended General Conditions, AMAYA considers that the Customer has accepted them.

21. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The General Conditions are governed by French law.

In case of dispute between the Client and AMAYA, and in the absence of amicable agreement within 2 months of the first notification, it will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (France), unless mandatory provisions to the contrary. In case of dispute between the Client and AMAYA, and in the absence of amicable agreement within 2 months of the first notification, it will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris (France), unless mandatory provisions to the contrary.

Appendix 1 – Personal Data

1. Description of the data processing carried out by AMAYA on behalf of the Customer

 Purposes of processing personal data: Provision of services

Nature of processing operations: Collection, recording, organization, structuring, preservation, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, transmission communication, dissemination or any other form of provision, reconciliation or interconnection, limitation, erasure or destruction.

Type of personal data processed:  

-Login data: Time stamp, device information, IP address, etc.

-Identification and profile data: Include last name, first names, email address, phone number, password, user preferences, usage patterns, subscriptions, etc.

-Financial data: this may include payment details, credit card information, billing history, etc.

-Location data: Geolocation information.

-User-generated content: Such as comments, ratings, images or videos shared by users.

-Communication data: This may include emails, social media messages, chat histories, etc.15

-Demographics: including age and gender.

Categories of persons concerned: Beneficiaries

Processing Time: Term of Contract

2. List of Authorized Subsequent Subcontractors

Authorized Subsequent Subcontractors

Outsourced processing activities

Processing location

Appropriate safeguards in place in case of data transfer outside the EU