Discover how the Amaya solution contributes to an exceptional yield of 80 quintals per hectare for wheat production in the Algerian Sahara. 

Amaya’s goals with Club 80

The Amaya solution is perfectly adapted to the needs of users such as agricultural advisors, technical and commercial managers, as well as farmers.  This includes:

Data Centralization 

Data storage and sharing for deep analysis

Communication Platform 

Allow the synchronization of the activities of the different actors to ensure the optimization of production and facilitate communication with farmers

Reporting & Traceability 

Ensure transparency and compliance of processes

Banking and Insurance 

Offer financial solutions adapted to farmers

Expected impacts
  • Achieve yields of 80 quintals per hectare for wheat, while the national average is about 40 quintals.
  • Participate in the development of one million hectares in southern Algeria, intended for investments in strategic crops, crop extension and livestock.
Who is club 80?

Club 80 is an independent organization created by a group of leading companies in the Algerian agricultural sector:

Timac AGRO Algeria : Fertilizer producers and bio-stimulants.

Prime Agro Irrigation : Supplier of irrigation systems.

BASF: Producer of phytosanitary products.

SRID : Distributor of agricultural inputs and technical support.

Axium : Supplier of seeds.

FGM : Agricultural Training Institute.

BADR : Agricultural and Rural Development Bank.

CAAR : Algerian Insurance and Reinsurance Company.

two green combines in a large wheat field