Amaya News

A new strategic partnership for innovative and sustainable African agriculture.🌍🤝

Published in April 2024 

We are honoured to announce our strategic collaboration with the African Confederation of Agro-Pastoral Actors (C-3A), a key player in the development of the Agropastoral sector in Central Africa.

The C-3A is recognized as a solidarity instrument of public utility with the objective of promoting a new exemplary food model, cultural and economic.

Amaya, distinguished by its expertise in building ecosystems for the agricultural sector, is committed to bringing its know-how and integrated digital platform to transform the African agricultural landscape.

Our common ambition? Optimize the productivity and profitability of farmers, contribute to food security, environmental sustainability and socio-economic development. Beyond the technological solutions we put in place, we aim to establish a holistic and integrated ecosystem at the service of the farmer, from supply to marketing through technical support and agricultural services. 

This partnership, which takes effect as soon as it is signed, will extend over a renewable five-year period. The ultimate goal is 3-year food self-sufficiency for 500,000 agricultural stakeholders. 


Amaya and Reims Légend'R: together to boost the economy of Reims! 🚀 

Published in July 2023

At Amaya Ag , we are proud to contribute to the economic dynamism of Reims. Let’s continue to promote our beautiful region! 

The new «operator» brand of the ReimsLegendR shared collective banner will carry the ambition of the destination and local actors in terms of economic development, from local to international!

Reims Business provides confidential and free support to businesses and economic players in all phases of their development, facilitating the establishment of businesses in the territory, organizing the development and marketing of business areas, supporting local businesses in their development projects.

At the heart of its territorial ecosystem and alongside its national, regional and local partners, Reims Business is positioned as a privileged interlocutor for entrepreneurs.


Great news from the Amaya family!🌾

Published in April 2024 

We are delighted to announce a major step forward at Amaya: a fundraising of € 550,000 in pre-seed, achieved thanks to the passionate commitment of visionary Business Angels and the invaluable non-dilutive financing of our partners, the Grand Est Region and BPI.

A huge thank you to our investors for their faith in our vision, to our partners for their unwavering support, and especially to our talented team, whose passion for sustainable agriculture and innovation makes all this possible. This success is also yours!

The road is still long, but with this new energy, we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow and continue to write together the history of more sustainable agriculture.

Join us on this exciting adventure. Together, let’s grow the future! 


Presentation of our start-up by the Village by CA 🌱

Published in September 2023

Specialized in agritech, Amaya Ag uses Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize small farms and meet environmental challenges.

This application allows small and medium-sized farms to: 

✅ Optimize their yields while reducing the environmental impact

✅ To facilitate their digital transition

✅ Better monitoring of the impact of recommendations on farms

✅ Receive targeted disease alerts

✅ To facilitate and improve exchanges with agricultural advisers

✅To make the advisor a real trusted partner

This solution is also intended for agricultural advisors

➡ Amaya gives them access to a complete overview of their customers' operations, allowing them to give targeted and personalized advice and interact directly with farmers.


grass field

Growing for the Future: Sustainable Farm Management 🌱

Published in August 2023

Sustainable agriculture is not just a choice, it is a commitment to our planet. Farmers are at the forefront of preserving our natural resources, and the applications are there to support them.

These apps are more than just a tool - they are a guide to farming practices that respect our environment. By focusing on sustainability, they offer farmers the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, preserve soils and conserve valuable water.

The future of agriculture is green. These applications inspire farmers to adopt eco-responsible production methods, explore crop rotations, use natural fertilizers and minimize the use of pesticides. Ultimately, it is a commitment to the health of the land and future generations.


New partner for B4C: Amaya Ag

Published in August 2023

Amaya is the agritech for sustainable and smart agriculture. Amaya is committed to transforming agriculture through artificial intelligence and a sustainable approach, to meet the challenges of climate change, crop diseases and suboptimal productivity for smallholder farmers.

The goal: transform agriculture through artificial intelligence and a sustainable approach.

💬 “We want to benefit from the support and expertise of the B4C network in order to shine in France, Europe and around the world.”


a field of sunflowers under a cloudy sky

Predicting the future of crops: early warning systems

Published in August 2023

In the world of agriculture, every season counts. Imagine smart apps that act as watchdogs for farmers. Early Warning Systems, powered by technology, can make all the difference.

 Weather can be unpredictable, but thanks to these apps, farmers receive real-time alerts on extreme weather conditions such as sudden cold spells or prolonged drought episodes. More than just a notification, it’s the key to protecting valuable crops.

In a world where nature can be increasingly unpredictable, alert systems provide farmers with peace of mind by providing crucial information to make informed decisions. Thanks to technology, we are building a future where every farming season is an opportunity for successful growth. 


Amaya’s participation in the 1st edition of customer agricultural CAS-de St Pol de Léon

Published in May 2023

Organized by the village by CA Finistère in collaboration with SICA St Pol de Léon and Crédit agricole du Finistère.

This exceptional event brought together farmers, agricultural technicians and various ecosystem stakeholders to explore innovative solutions in the agricultural sector.

It was a very enriching experience to exchange with the farmers of Finistère and to discuss the challenges they face in their daily operations. Conversations with agricultural advisors from cooperatives such as SICA St Pol de Léon and Terres de l'Ouest or distributors such as Hortibreiz confirmed the importance of our mobile application to meet their needs.

The positive feedback we have received from farmers and farm advisors confirms that Amaya is on the right track. 


Pitch Amaya in 3 minutes!

Published in December 2022

The CCI Marne en Champagne, in partnership with the Petites Affiches Matot Braine, organized the 5th edition of the Grand Pitch, where 8 start-ups, six accompanied and two «free candidates», presented their concept and activity.3 minutes. This is the time when start-ups must «pitch» their project. 

Accompanied by the Village by CA, Mabrouk Aib was the second to appear before the jury with his start-up Amaya, whose goal is to help small farms increase their profitability through an application. «We are taking action on three issues: centralizing a digital grow book, having alerts about diseases and receiving recommendations for the use of agricultural inputs», explains Mabrouk Aib specifying that small farms are, 40% affected by crop losses and 33% by productivity losses. Clients are cooperatives and input producers to provide services to their members. In the near future, the will of the company manager is to raise 500,000 euros for 2023. At the confluence of several applications, Amaya wants to centralize both the management of the Farmer/ Advisor relationship, the recommendation by artificial intelligence and the centralization of data.


Amaya: A Flagship Project Among #ENSA_Agritech’s Promising Innovations

The Leancubator team had the pleasure of taking part in the launch event of the ENSA Agritech program for students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie (E.N.S.A) by participating in the Foodtech Ecosystem panel moderated by Dr. Sid Ahmed Ferroukhi.

Their incubator is committed alongside tek2hub incubator to contribute to the various workshops to support project leaders from this program to allow the completion and marketing of the most promising projects supported by students of this program prestigious school.